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UnitedSiC is an emerging leader in silicon carbide (“SiC”) power devices, delivering products offering leading edge performance at prices that rival silicon superjunction and GaN-based devices. UnitedSiC technology and products enable affordable power efficiency in key markets that drives a new and greener economy. These include:

  • Wind and solar power generation
  • Electrification of transportation such as automobiles and next generation trains
  • Emerging Smartgrid technologies that are adding intelligence to our power grid
  • Higher efficiency power generation and conversion
  • Motor control
  • And numerous other applications that require higher efficiency, compact designs with demanding thermal constraints

UnitedSiC technology and products are uniquely positioned to leverage the lower cost of outsourced manufacturing capabilities in silicon carbide substrates, epitaxy, and foundries for production device fabrication. This dynamic is what continues to fuel the growth of Digital and Analog IC’s and the time is now for Silicon Carbide (SiC). This advancement for SiC will create lower cost of goods, better continuity of supply, and improved quality for these demanding markets.

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