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Your professional IC design, application, and service partner.   

Hawyang Semiconductor was founded in 1990 and has been a professional distributor representing multiple local and global quality IC design houses for their semiconductor components. To complement its sales and distribution services, Hawyang established a dedicated “Power Management R&D Centre” in 2000 with professional engineering teams to offer customers efficient and effective solutions in an uppermost timely manner, ensuring product release deadlines can be met.

Hawyang further consolidated its sales and engineering resources in 2014 to spin off an independent “Automotive Electronics” Division. This strategic unit offers local and global OEs, Tier Ones, IC design houses and solution providers an accessible and synergistic platform of consolidated resource to enjoy a series of bespoke research and development services by Hawyang.

With our top-notch products, professional technical support and agile customer service efforts, Hawyang is able to enhance your product competitiveness on the market by meeting the strictest industry standards and customer expectations. Our deep roots in the region and rich knowledge of local markets make Hawyang your best partner to tap into Asia and the greater China market.

Hawyang strives to create value-added services for both suppliers and customers. Hawyang not only sets up dedicated sales forces but also engineering teams devoted to each product line. Hawyang goes beyond basic technical support to offer application design & turnkey solutions, using components from our vigorous product portfolios, creating the greatest synergies across our diverse product lines. Our unique expertise leveraging strength in sales and engineering capacity contributes to expedited promotions and adoptions of products we carry. This is the values Hawyang brings about.

Services we provide include but not limited to specification discussion, PCB layout and design advisory, debugging, and functionality report, etc.

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