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Your Best Partner in Asia   

Hawyang Semiconductor is a professional value-added reseller (VAR), with a particular focus on semiconductor and IC components. Hawyang has been active in the ICT industry since its founding in 1990, providing customers in the region with thorough technical support and turnkey solutions. Hawyang bridges the gap between IC suppliers and customers: it helps suppliers understand the needs of local clientele, acquaint suppliers with market characteristics and macroeconomic trends, and suggest efficacious growth strategies. Hawyang also assiduously assists customers with technical consultations so as to accelerate adoption rate of new technology. All efforts lead to the stellar reputation for the well-regarded services Hawyang continuously offers.  

Proven track record of design-win

For the last thirty years as the gravity of global electronic supply chains shifts towards East Asia, Hawyang took advantage of its geographic proximity and has connected numerous suppliers with customers. Top-notch components Hawyang represents have been successfully implemented into products selling worldwide.

Your partner in Asia

With the rapid development of Asia Pacific economies, the region is no longer mere the “Factory for the World” but also the “ Global Marketplace.” Hawyang once again seized the opportunity and transformed itself to be an avid agent on behalf of global suppliers in local markets. Hawyang actively explores innovative and pioneering technologies from Europe, North America, and Japan, and introduces their products into Taiwan, China, and the greater Asia.

Reliable services win customers’ trust

Hawyang disseminate first-hand market information and engages in constructive dialogues with local clientele and manufacturers, so that they can keep up with the latest global technological developments and market trends. Our unique technical support services eliminate the communication barriers between global suppliers and Asian customers, empowering the latter to expedite product development process.

Professional services with an extensive network

Hawyang is headquartered in Taipei, with branch offices and contacts across China, providing customers with convenient distribution and logistic options.

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