Auto-grade Camera Module

Hawyang provides a wide range of different camera modules, including auto-grade cameras to compliment some of the most revolutionary ADAS applications on next-generation cars.

Hawayng HD Camera Modules supports megapixel resolutions upto 1280 x 960p. Its high resolution video transmitted via proven SerDes technology makes it a popular products in the automotive industry, and a great solution for the next-generation ADAS applications on not only passenger cars but also larger vehicles, such as school bus, forklifts, and cargo trucks. Compatible applications include but are not limited to Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), to 2D Around-view Monitoring (AVM) and rear-view E-Mirror, and many more.

Hawyang automotive HD Camera incorporates a SONY® CMOS sensor using the state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best HDR performance even under some of the most severe conditions, such as a low-light environment. So imagine yourself driving during late night in the dark, or from tunnel to tunnel on a curvy mountain road, dulled environment lights steal away your vision. Now with Hawyang’s HD Camera, you can not only drive under the sun but likewise in the dark and fear no more.

Hawyang HD Camera is available in a wide range of the Field of View (FOV), from 90° to 180°. Cameras with different FOV can be used on different ADAS applications, all depending on your need and preference.

You may need a rear-camera with narrower FOV but deeper depth so you can notice an approaching car from afar. Maybe you’d otherwise prefer a 180° camera to compliment your surround-view monitoring algorithm. Any type of cameras, you name it; we have them all.

As a professional solution provider, Hawyang remains flexible and allow customers define their own specifications as they prefer.

Hawyang works closely with global and local component suppliers to ensure timely and quality delivery of its standard products, but also encourages customers to propose their own specification should they have unique market-specific needs.

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