Infotainment System

It comes a time when connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity in the automotive industry. According to a 2015 survey by global consultancy firm, Accenture, drivers from 13 countries across the globe are twice as likely to “choose a car based on in-vehicle technology options rather than on its performance, demonstrating the rising importance of vehicle connectivity to the automotive industry’s customers.” It is not a surprise as the Millennials, who were born in the Internet, gradually grow to become an innegligible forces in the consumer markets. Car owners nowadays expect to continue enjoying the same technology and entertainment as they could from a smartphone or tablet. Infotainment systems becomes an integral part of the new-generation car models.

Critical to a successful infotainment system is no doubt high speed digital data communication technology and high-resolution panels to display such information. With our vast experiences in video and data transmission and long lasting relationships working with major IC and panel manufacturers in the industry, Hawyang is able to offer customers solutions in panel activations and data communications.

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