Technical Support

Always there and ready to help   

In addition to distribution services any typical authorized reseller offers, Hawyang Semiconductor stands out for its technical support capability. Hawyang has established different research and development squads for each different product to provide customer with dedicated application services.

Immediate assistance on site

As a global trade veteran in the semiconductor industry, Hawyang has rich experiences introducing technologically pioneering products into the Asia Pacific. Engineers are devoted to specific product lines depending on their expertises and readily available to the customers. The nearby-and-ready strategy not only won the hearts of customers but also effectively accelerate component adoption rates for products Hawyang represents.

Experts from diverse backgrounds

Since its first technical teams being established in year 2000, Hawyang has actively expanding its engineering momentum. Dedicated R&D teams specialize in areas including but not limited to consumer electronics, industrial power generation, automotive electronics, high-speed digital signal and data transmission, autonomou driving application, electric vehicle power, energy harvesting and its IoT as well as Industry 4.0 applications.

Bright and copious line cards create portfolio synergies

Hawyang Semiconductor has been a trusted partner of various local and international IC design houses and component suppliers. With its rich portfolio, Hawyang is able to precisely pinpoint customers’ needs, and effectively offer complete solutions using products we carry, creating the greatest-possible synergies wihtin its product portfolio through vertical and horizontal integration to benefit the most partners with whom we work together.

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