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Shenzhen PolyCap Electronics

Shenzhen PolyCap Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese national high-tech enterprise. PolyCap specializes in R&D, manufacturing and sales of solid aluminum capacitor, owns complete and advanced manufacturing technology and production lines as well as product series that includes DIP type and SMD type. Product range covers 2.5v~200v, the longest working life up to 105℃ /5000 hours, the highest working temperature of 135℃, the technical indicators are the forefront of the world. The production capacity is the largest in the mainland of China.

PolyCap continues to develop new products to adapt to the market for a variety of solid state capacitors demands. PolyCap recently launched a small, large capacity solid capacitors, as well as slender type large capacity high performance solid capacitors, in order to adapt to the power of the requirement of customers for miniaturization and high-power.

PolyCap puts great emphasis on scientific and technological innovation, and actively implements product and manufacturing technology innovation.

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