Inova at Electronica 2018 Review

Inova at Electronica 2018 Review

Inova at Electronica 2018 Review

2018. 11. 26

Hawyang Semiconductor and its partner and supplier Inova Semiconductors jointly participate in the biennial  Electronica 2018 in November, 2018.

Hawyang has worked with Inova with livestreaming and video productions this time, so that audience who wasn't able to visit the exhibition in person can still experience the innovative technology of APIX3, high-speed data transmission, and  ISELED, smart RGB LED driver control, itroduced at the exhibition. Videos have been posted onto Hawyang's official YouKu and YouTube account.

Videos were originally livebroadcasted on Chinese social media platform, catering to local Chinese audience. All content is, for the time being, available in Mandarin Chinese or Simplified Chinese captions. 

Playlist (Play All)
[1] Welcome to Electronica
[2] Introduction to Inova Semiconducrors
[3] About APIX
[4] APIX Advantages
[5] Introducing APIX3
[6] APIX3 Use Cases
[7] Intorducing ISELED
[8] ISELED and its Applications
[9] APIX3 over 12Gpbs
[10] APIX3 Twin Devices
[11] ISELED Matrix Backlight
[12-1] ISELED Cup Holder Warming System
[12-2] ISELED Light Strips
[12-3] ISELED Lightworks
[13-1] Symbiosis - Integration of APIX3 & ISELED (part 1)
[13-2] Symbiosis - Integration of APIX3 & ISELED (part 2)