Meet us at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018 Yokohama!

Meet us at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018 Yokohama!

Meet us at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018 Yokohama!

2018. 04. 16

Hawyang will join its partner, Hitachi High-Technologies,, to exhibit our latest livestreaming rearview technology at Automotive Engineering Exposition (AEE) 2018 Yokohama, in Yokohama, Japan from May 23rd to May 25th, 2018. The AEE was first held in 1992, and has since been an annual summit for forefront engineers and researchers in the automotive industry to meet and share their latest technological accomplishments. As the most anticipated automotive exhibition of its kinds in Japan, the AEE is proud to showcase the success of Japanese automotive industry amidst ever-growing demand and desire for technology breakthroughs. Both Hitachi High-Technologies and Hawyang representative will be at the venue!

Please refer to the visitor’s information below or visit to learn more:

TimeMay 23rd (Wed) ~ May 25th (Fri), 2018
VenuePACIFICO Yokohama (Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama), 
Exhibition Hall
Booth Number228
自動車技術展:人とくるまのテクノロジー展2018 横浜

About Hitachi High-Technologies

Founded in 2001 with the merger between Nissei Sangyo and the Instruments Group and Semiconductor Manufacturing Group of Hitachi, Ltd. within the Hitachi Group, Hitachi High-Technologies has been engaging in activities in a broad range of fields, including Science & Medical Systems, Electronic Device Systems, Industrial Systems, and Advanced Industrial Products. Hawyang Semiconductor is proud to work with the leading professional electronics "shosha" in Japan and beyond.

Hawyang E-Mirror

Hawyang has long devoted to the automotive electronics industry, offering a wide range of products, including APIX SerDes for high speed data communications, E-Mirror, and automotive-grade HD digital camera. Complimenting our products, Hawyang also provides research and development services for solutions and applications.

We’ve got your back! Enjoy expansive and unobstructed view of the world behind when you drive! Hawyang E-Mirror Solution uses HD Megapixel camera and real-time delay-less SerDes technology to video stream the scene behind your vehicle onto the panel installed in the car.

Unimpeded View

Hawyang E-Mirror offers drivers enhanced visibility by cancelling obstructions of passengers, headrests and the vehicle’s roof as well as rear pillars.

With just one touch, driver can activate the camera installed at the back of the car, which captures live HD video. The in-car E-mirror then displays these video streams without delay. Our E-mirror allows driver immediately enjoy an unobscured real-time rear view to monitor traffic conditions on the road, a luxury motorists in the past couldn’t enjoy with a typical optical rear-view mirror.

State-of-the-art Technology

Hawyang E-mirror solution incorporates a 720p HD digital camera with SONY® CMOS sensor* to guarantee the best HDR performance even under severe conditions, such as photographing in a low-light environment, and minimize LED flickers.

Hawyang follows the highest industry standard and uses the latest SerDes technology* developed by Inova Semiconductors® and THine Electronics® for video transmission from camera to display, to ensure a stable and reliable product free from EMI and interference and signal attenuation.

Capture Every Moment

Hawyang E-mirror can also be equipped with a second camera, installed directly on the back of the LCD display.

This uniquely designed forward-facing camera can serve as a dash-cam for recording purpose. In an unlikely but unfortunate event of a road accident, every moment will be captured so will your rights be well-protected.

Made As You Prefer

As a professional solution provider, Hawyang remains flexible and allow customers define their own specifications as they prefer.

Hawyang works closely with global and local component suppliers to ensure timely and quality delivery of its standard products, but also encourages customers, should they have different market-specific needs, to propose their own preferred specifications. You are more than welcome to specify your preferred key components such as panel models and image sensors, or even supporting materials such as cables and connectors.